How To Create Junglee Name Facebook Id

How To Create Junglee Name Facebook Id 


Hello Friends ,Today i have brought an amazing trick which is needed by most facebook users ... i will not introduced you facebook because everyone knows about it

Facebook is very popular and you all people know it...Facebook is used for many reasons such as promoting the pages and websites and many people use it for learning the tricks and alose chatting and getting entertainment. 

Now i will create a Id named Junglee which is very less on Facebook and very less people know about this trick So i will show you how to create 

How To Create Junglee Name Facebook Id ?

Now i will show you step by step how to create and follow this procedure only this is 100% Working 

1 First opne this id in chrome browser and create the text of which junglee ID is to be created 

2 in front of you many stylish text will appear
See the image have to follow this procedure only 

3 Now you should download Hola Vpn App This app also can be downloaded from play store 

Click Download Hola Vpn Apk

4 Now opne Hola Vpn apk 
Page will be displayed in front of you and select chrome browser as shown in the above image 

5 Now this page will be opened
In the image there will be 2 red box

1 In the red box you have to select the country spain and after selecting
2 Click on open on the red box 

6 Now chorme browser will be opened
Now type and search it as shown in above image.

7 Now go to Facebook and login that id who's name you want to put junglee 

8 Now change the language of FB ID
Change the language to spanish as shown as in the above image 

9 now go to the name changer setting in Facebook
As shown as in above image there will ne 3 red boxes. Now you have to put that name which you have converted in junglee
1 Enter you first name in the red box
2 Then enter your second name in red box.
3 Then click on red box 

10- Now the page will be opened
In the image there will be 2 red boxes
1- In the first red box enter you facebook ID password
2- Click on red box..

Now your ID will be named jungle
As you can se in the above image i have also used the junglee
Now change the language again into english

Note- If you are java or pc user then using proxy you can use junglee name only you have to do is set the spanish proxy in your browser and then full processing here only
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